New Recipe Sunday: Kung Pao Chicken


Thanks to a craving for Asian food, I took on Kung Pao Chicken for New Recipe Sunday (you can find the recipe here). Paying attention to the comments, I tripled the sauce (although next time, I would probably not add as much sugar as the recipe calls for, but for those who like things a tad bit sweeter, go for it). Then inspired by Panda Express, I added zucchini and a red bell pepper to the mix. The final product really is quite tasty.

Fried rice served as the side, and that was made from a recipe a college friend showed me back in the day. Basically, I cooked some brown rice and then put that in the wok with green onions, peas, carrots, and two scrambled eggs. From there, soy sauce and crushed red peppers were added (no exact measurement I fear can be provided).

The great thing is that this will be even better as leftovers!  


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