New Recipe Sunday: Oven Fried Southern Style Cinnamon Honey Chicken

Tasty Goodness

Those who know me well know there are three foods that are my weaknesses. Chocolate, candy, cookies, cake, ice cream, and all other sweets tempt me very little. Soda I haven’t had, with the exception of a few root beers here and there, since my freshman year in high school. As far as potato chips and french fries, sure I will eat them if they are in front of me (including a whole bag of the former in one sitting), but never is there a huge craving that overcomes me for either.  When it comes to popcorn (Happy Popcorn Day by the way), peanut butter, and fried chicken, my willpower is gone. Needless to say, the latter favorite inspired today’s recipe choice.

For the most part, my homemade meals (caramel slices as a huge exception, and yes, those can easily be a meal) tend to be more on the healthy side. Today’s recipe is far from it. Sure, it could have been worse, but it has butter and all sorts of other things that I tend to avoid. The honey though is local, so in my mind, that balances everything out. 🙂

The recipe is really quite easy to fix (you can find it here). Trying to go the somewhat healthier route, I used chicken breast tenderloins rather than the chicken for which the recipe calls. Then I doubled both the flour mix and the egg/milk mix, so there would be plenty (and there was plenty of both leftover too). I kept the cooking time mainly the same and opted to put a dash of cayenne pepper in the butter/honey sauce.

Really, it turned out pretty well. It was even better with some added hot sauce to create a great spicy and sweet tasty flavor.

This would be my favorite type of hot sauce at the moment. It is readily available, and it is lower in sodium when compared to many of the others easily found in most grocery store aisles. I am definitely open to recommendations for other hot sauces! Please let me know your favorite(s).

Today’s side salad was a mix of romaine lettuce and kale with mushrooms, pecans, blue cheese, and formerly frozen berries (the pecan, fruit, and blue cheese mix is probably one of my favorite food combinations at the moment).


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