February’s New Year’s Resolution: $1160.00

February copy

Happy February, the month of the Ground Hog!

Back in March of 2012, I attempted to live on a pre-tax minimum wage budget. With only $2.14 left on March 26, I admitted defeat. It, though, was fascinating experience that opened my eyes to all of the silly things I purchase and the amount of things I let go to waste. Plus, it made me very grateful for what I have, for this was a choice unlike for so many where this is their reality.

For 2014, New Year’s Resolution #6 is to spend at least two months on this sort of budget, so howdy February! You will be the first.

There are 20 week days during this month, so 8 hours a day at the Kansas minimum wage rate of $7.25 gives me a grand total of $1160.00 for my budget.

The bills, though, first come into play. My thankfully low mortgage is $300 a month. My other bills including gas, electric, Internet, Netflix, and HuluPlus come to a grand total of $242.92. Plus, there is the phone and data charges which is $107.48. Setting aside $40 for violin lessons for the month gives me a total of $469.60.

Using a loophole for this resolution, I spent my Friday evening grocery shopping although I tried not to buy more than I normally would before possibly being snowbound for the weekend (thankfully, the severe wintry mix missed Hutchinson). Then I made sure my car had a full gas tank before midnight struck.

Speaking of car, I will fully admit I am cheating with this resolution by not including my car payment. If I were to do so, there is no way I could make it (2013 RAV4 + paying it off quickly with an interest rate of a little over 1% = high monthly car payment), so I figured giving myself a fighting chance would be a very good thing.

So here is to the month of Frugal February and having fun with the cute monsters and falling change sound on my Toshl app that will be keeping track of every expense.

On another New Year’s Resolution note, Saturday morning was spent rowing a half-marathon! Quickly after I synced my app with the online logbook, I received a certificate. While certificates usually seem somewhat silly to me, this one actually makes me smile.

With this amount added to my total so far, I only have 749,844 meters to go to be part of the Million Meter Club!
With this amount added to my total so far, I only have 749,844 meters to go to be part of the Million Meter Club!

5 thoughts on “February’s New Year’s Resolution: $1160.00”

  1. my question is…..are you living your min wage on the actual hours you work or the 32-38 that “min wage” workers usually get?? and i agree not to include the car, as most min wage workers have old beaters, so you could throw yourself a loop and have an unexpected bill….. just saein…. i admire what you are doing and please tell callie hello

    1. I just went for 40, but you bring up a great point that most people on minimum wage do not get that amount of hours a week. Then I didn’t want to go with the amount of hours I was working, for a lot of overtime would have been in the mix.

      Callie says, “Howdy!” Give Coco a hug for me!

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