Teaching Tip Tuesday: Helpful Hints with Note Taking

Happy Tuesday to you!
One of my self-prescribed roles at work is to send out helpful teaching tips every Tuesday during the school year. The reception has been great, so I was thinking perhaps these could make for useful blog posts as well. If there is a certain topic you would ever like me to take on, just let me know in the comments, and I will collect some good resources for you.  
So here is the first Teaching Tip Tuesday from Curious Kansas.  
Good day to you! 
Without a doubt, taking good notes can greatly help students in the classroom (and really anyone in any sort of meetings). Today’s Teaching Tuesday provides you with some great resources on how to get students to take notes and then some sources to share with your students to help them learn great note-taking strategies.
Link/Articles for You
University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s “Teaching Students to Take Better Notes: Notes on Notetaking”
Before we get to resources to share with students, here is a good site that gives tips to instructors on how to get students to take better notes.
“Tips for Developing Students’ Note-taking Skills” by Maryellen Weimer
 This article from Faculty Focus provides some further tips on how to get students to take great notes.
Links/Articles to Share with Students 
Dartmouth University’s “Classes: Notetaking, Listening, and Participating”
This site has some great links to some helpful hints for students to get the most out of a class
Stanford University’s “Taking Notes”
Harvard Law shares this helpful PDF from Stanford about how to evaluate current note-taking methods and how to improve them. Plus, it goes into brief detail about 5 different note-taking methods.
The Cornell Note-Taking System
One of the most popular methods of taking notes is the Cornell style. This PDF provides a good template to follow.
“Write this Down: Note-Taking Strategies for Academic Success” by Brett & Kate McKay
This article gives a good overview of great note-taking strategy including tips how to use a laptop wisely.
Have some other good tips in terms of note-taking? If so, please definitely share away in the comments. 
May the rest of your day be fantastic!

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