New Recipe Sunday: French Dip Roast Beef

A Tasty French Dip
A Tasty French Dip

With $16.33 left, the pretax minimum wage budget continues, which means I looked through what I had on hand for today’s recipe. A roast was a very pleasant surprise/find in my freezer. That then led to to find something to make, which led to this super easy French Dip Roast Beef recipe.

I played with the recipe as usual. First, beef bouillon cubes contain MSG, which I try to avoid. There is MSG-Free Better Than Bouillon, but at $4.49, that was not budget friendly, so the beef bouillon cube was replaced with MSG-Free/low sodium beef broth. It worked well. Then hot sauce was added as well as some cayenne pepper and a bit of Worcestershire sauce. During the last hour of seven, I threw in onions and mushrooms. The aroma alone has made the house smell fantastic all day today (unless if you were a vegan or a vegetarian. Then another word probably would be used rather than “fantastic.”).

For the bread, I found a multigrain bake-at-home French bread at Dillons for $1.59. I was excited, and it was tasty too.

Accompanied with au jus and my typical side salad, the French Dip was a great meal, which is wonderful for it will be leftovers for the next couple of days as well. Yay for Friday being February 28!


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