New Recipe Sunday: Easy Garlic Chicken

Easy Garlic Chicken
Easy Garlic Chicken

It has been a long month to say the least. The presentations for the HCC Honors Projects were this afternoon, and all of the students did a fantastic job. Having worked through lunch to make sure everything was set up, I came home tired and hungry. After a few clicks here and there online, I found this recipe for Easy Garlic Chicken. The name alone sounded great.

While the overall reviews were pretty decent, I decided to incorporate some of the tips previous cooks had made. One was to brown the chicken in a little bit of butter before placing it in the oven with the garlic/brown sugar goodness on top of it. Also, when it comes to that garlic/brown sugar goodness, I went with the suggestion of adding cooking sherry, thyme, basil, oregano, and parsley with the brown sugar after I had sautéed the garlic in the olive oil. After placing that mixture on top of the chicken, I put everything in the over at 425 (another recommendation from the reviews) to cook it for 20 minutes. That was followed with another 7 or so minutes broiling it on low.

The outcome was good. The chicken was juicy, but it still seemed to be lacking a little something. Not surprising anyone more than likely, I added hot sauce to fill the void, and that did the trick for me, but then again, I like the spicy/sweet combo (mmm hot sauce on chicken and waffles).

Without a doubt, the recipe is super easy, but it is one I will probably continue to play around with when I try it again.

And now to do more work I should go.  May the week be amazing for you!



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