New Recipe Sunday: A Greenish (But Not Really in Color) Smoothie



It is probably a sign I have waited too long between posts when I stared at the log-in screen and my password just wasn’t coming to me. Now armed with a new password, I am back.

The last three months have been crazy with everything starting with a great road trip to New Orleans and ending this weekend with a birthday celebration that included great friends, a Dolly Parton concert, and a lot of unhealthy food. There were also the ending of the school year, a work trip to Chicago, a work trip to Arkansas, and a vacation to New England in between those trips.

Inspired by two meals at Raising Cane’s, more chicken strips in Lindsborg for purely research/comparison, a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos, a chicken fried steak, a tasty brat, and a few other snacks this last weekend, I decided to investigate the world of green smoothies.

Smoothies have been part of my life for a very long time. However, I have stayed on the side of just using tasty fruit, so I read some blogs, tried to find a recipe, found a few intriguing ones, and decided to just to get creative with this first one. The outcome was decent. Definitely, more creativity and/or inspiration from other people’s creativity will be taking place as I explore this new world that should be perfect for summer.


The Recipe for A Greenish (But Not Really in Color) Smoothie

A Banana
A Handful of Spinach
A Handful of Kale
A Handful of Baby Carrots
About Five Beet Slices
A Granny Smith Apple
A Cup of Frozen Berries
A Couple Frozen Strawberries
Enough Rice Milk to Allow for Blending


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