New Recipe Sunday: Easiest Dinner Ever (Chicken, Cream Cheese, and Other Tasty Things in a Slow Cooker)

Easiest Dinner Ever
Easiest Dinner Ever

Without a doubt, this has been one of the best weekends I have ever had in Hutchinson, Kansas. From catching up with old friends to a very nifty Bicycle Pub Cruise to making an excellent new friend, it has just been one high point after another. With classes starting on Wednesday, this has been a great way to start the semester. 

And thanks to the busy schedule and my living on my second month of a pre-tax minimum wage budget, I needed an easy meal, so I turned to one my mother tried last week. This recipe for a tasty mix of cream cheese, chicken, Rotel, corn, and black beans is indeed super easy, and most of the ingredients I had on hand. Plus, the leftovers are supposed to be great. While I will probably play with the seasonings by actually adding a few next time, this recipe is definitely a keeper. 


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