Update on the Tackling of New Year’s Resolutions

I sit here in a beautiful house in Norman, Oklahoma, as the rain falls down upon the land. Two of my best friends, Ryan and Andy, are nearby watching OSU football, and I am guessing any second Doris, one of their wonderful cats, will be cuddled up next to me. Armed with a raspberry hot chocolate, I can’t really think of how things could be more relaxing than now. While I could be taking care of some things for work or completing the latest chapter for my novel, I figured it would be good to give an update on the New Year’s Resolutions so far.

1. Listen to John Donne – Don’t Be an Island
This one is actually going well with my putting myself out there time and again rather than being the hermit of my past. Whether it has been at conferences, road trips, or social gatherings, I have been making it an informal goal to meet someone new and make a connection of sorts. So many great people have been part of my life this year, and while many of those people may not be permanent fixtures, the times shared have led to many great memories and conversations that in all honesty have been life-changing and affirming that this resolution should carry on past 2014. If an opportunity to hang out with others comes up (like last night after a concert I went to), I should remember to keep the balance of recharging alone time and socializing in mind and go for the time with others when possible.

2. Extend the Self-Mandated Year of Being Single to All of 2014
Yep, still happily single.

3. Seriously, Finish a Draft of the Novel
Only 5.4 chapters left to go! And after today there is a very good chance there will only 5 chapters left to go. There is little doubt in my mind a draft will be finished by the end of this year, and in all reality, this will probably be the next resolution completed.  

4. Don’t Be a Nice Guy. Be a Good Guy.
This resolution is getting mixed results. Elements of the Good Guy are coming through, but that silly Nice Guy still becomes the default at most times. I have noticed this with my dealings with an ex in July. Then it has showed up again recently with some interactions with others. Afterwards, I kick myself, for the reaction to nice guys is just as it has always been (pretty much just taken for granted). However, awareness is a good step I think, so the battle will continue, and we will see whether this resolution is successful by the end of the year. There have been some good steps in the right direction though.

5. Be a Better Friend to Your Friends
This one is also going decently well with my great attempts to stay in touch with my best friends through phone calls, texts, emails, and visits. For an example, the main reason I came to Oklahoma City this weekend was to spend time with my great friends who live here. Then there were the road trips with the first being in March to see Andrew in New Orleans and the second going west to see Linda and John. Sure, I am not always the best at being a great friend. For an example, last night after the concert was supposed to be spent at a club with friends, but a series of random events led to my hanging out with the band instead. Still not sure how that happened, but I will blame Resolution #1 and call it good. Plus, there are a few of my greatest friends I am still not doing the best of contacting on a regular basis. However, my striving to be better will definitely continue.

6. Spend at Least 2 Months of 2014 on a Budget Based upon Minimum Wage
This was my life for both February and August, and both tries were met with success (with mere cents being left by the last minutes of those days). This is the first of these resolutions to be completed. Yay!

7. Dance! (And Learn How to Dance)
This resolution started out well with learning some skills with swing dancing, but then it was placed on hold. However, that is about to change in the very near future with my taking a six-week dance class with the amazing and beautiful Bailey.  

8. Get in the Best Shape of Your Life.

  1. Pack on 10 lbs of Muscle
  2. Become a Member of the Million Meter Club
  3. Get Your Body Fat Percentage to 10% or below.
  4. Cycle at Least a Thousand Miles This Year

While some pounds of muscle have been added to my body, it is not to 10 yet, but it is getting there. I do have 510,000 meters yet to row, but I think it is still achievable with adding a lot more rowing into my life each week. I still have around 500 miles yet to cycle as well, but September and October can be great months to ride (and a 64 mile bike ride is already scheduled for later this month). Plus, the Body Fat Percentage is to 11%. This resolution is going to take a lot of work, but I think it still can be achievable.  

9. Carry on a 15 Minute Conversation in Spanish
This resolution is probably the one in the worst shape. The podcasts during the road trip helped, but those may have helped me get to a (maybe) five-minute conversation. Rosetta Stone, though, is coming back into my life, and my antenna does get Univision, so both will probably become more part of my life. Otherwise, a few friends and I figured out a loophole for this one that may have to be enacted. However, yesterday during my stop at a Mexican/Asian grocery store where I picked up two Korean stone bowls to make Bibimbap along with many other nifty things, it hit me again I need to work on this resolution and continue it long after this year.

10. No Bed for You If There Are Dirty Dishes, Dirty Counters, and/or Dirty/Clean Clothes Needing Attention
I am trying with this one with my being up to probably four nights a week where this is true now. The habit is in the works, and it will happen.

Extra Credit: Play at Least One Song on the Violin by the End of the Year.
Back in April, I successfully played “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” for the first time (now it is my go to song, for I have it memorized). Therefore, technically the extra credit was completed; however, I decided now to go for “Moon River.” That probably is a little (or way) out of my reach, but they (not sure who “they” are) say to shoot for the moon, right? 

With 116 days left until 2015 is here, the pressure is on, but with a smile on my face and unrealistic expectations once again, I am ready to tackle the remaining nine resolutions and see what I can do. And on that note, now off to the novel I go. I hope everyone is have an excellent weekend!


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