New Recipe Sunday: Bibimbap


Ever since Katherine introduced me to Korean food while we were both in Melbourne, a love has existed in my heart for it. Without a doubt, one of my favorite restaurants in Wichita is this wonderful Korean restaurant run by this really nice husband and wife combo. Often times, I find myself missing Korean, for there is no option for it here in Hutchinson (or really for most Asian food unfortunately). Thanks to my finding and purchasing two dolsots (the nifty stone bowls), I had the key component for Bibimbap. Armed with this recipe, I decided to give it a try.

The recipe itself was pretty easy going; however, I ran into a problem finding bean sprouts. After the last food poisoning scare with them nationwide, the grocery stores in Hutchinson no longer carry them (at least that is what I was told after searching the produce sections). Thanks to my procrastinating with picking up ingredients, I didn’t even think to pick up some while I was in Wichita last night, so they were replaced by thinly sliced cabbage and edamames.

While the outcome could not come even begin to come close to the one from Wichita’s Manna Wok, it still was pretty tasty, and I look forward to trying this again soon.

So, now I turn to you. What are your favorite Asian cuisines?


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