New Recipe Sunday: Kung Pau Chicken Tacos

Kung Pao Chicen Tacos
Kung Pao Chicen Tacos

Today’s recipe has intrigued me ever since I ran across it a month or so ago. The craving for Asian food hit me today, so I figured this first Sunday in November would be a great time to try out this recipe from the wonderful site (Seriously, check it out. It has some great healthy recipes, articles, and resources) for Kung Pao Chicken Tacos. Just as I have found with other recipes from the site, it was tasty.

The recipe is really super easy. I did double the stir-fry sauce, which probably was something I didn’t need to do. Rather than ground chicken, I went for chicken breast as well. The outcomes was tasty, and I am pretty sure the leftovers will be even more amazing.

In Other Areas of My Life

Kansas Honors Council 2014
Kansas Honors Council 2014 (the crew still there at the end of the conference. Quite a few had to leave before then)

In addition to the Halloween festivities this weekend (handing out candy to a couple hundred kids, dressing up as a Boy Scout, going to a small but great Halloween social gathering, and exploring Downtown Hutch for a great Pub Crawl where I tried to be a wingman for a good friend but had no luck finding him the right girl (next time!), there was the Second Annual Kansas Honors Connections Conference. This year’s conference brought together seven different honors programs from across the Sunflower State. Directors shared ideas about programs; students presented their work; old friends were able to catch up; and new friends were made.

Although the last couple of months have been a bit stressful with playing a role as a co-coordinator, the pay off was great with my getting to see everything come together and a dream come true. Back in 2011, the absolutely wonderful Pat Decker, who is the Honors Program Director at Johnson County Community College, and I talked about forming the Kansas Honors Council as we sat in the hotel lobby between sessions at that year’s National Collegiate Honors Council Conference in Phoenix. The following year in Boston was where we talked Emporia State University into joining the mix and providing the location for the conference. Last year’s was a huge success that put down a strong foundation. It was then this year’s conference on Saturday that made me believe the conference will be around for quite some time.

Between being an honors student back in the day and being an honors program director now, I am just happy I could give something back to the world of honors in higher education. Without a doubt, honors has changed my life for the better thanks to the people I was able to meet and the opportunities it has given to me. Now, through the Kansas Honors Council and the annual Kansas Honors Connections Conference, I am doing my best to pay it forward to a future generation of some excellent people in the honors world.


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