New Recipe Sunday: Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

Wild Rice and Chicken Soup
Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

Another cold front has hit Kansas, which makes it perfect soup weather once again. Part of Friday night was spent talking to a dear friend about what to do with leftovers from Thanksgiving. She suggested a Turkey and Wild Rice Soup. Being the person I am, I feared how safe the turkey would be to use today and throughout this coming week (I don’t take chances with food poison and am probably way too cautious), but that idea still rested in my mind. That led to my finding this tasty recipe for Chicken and Wild Rice Soup.

The basics of the recipe were followed with my cooking chicken in my roaster before shredding it (revisiting my Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps Recipe, which some extra chicken was made for Buffalo Chicken salads for my other meals this week); however, then I decided to let everything, including the rice, cook in my dutch oven while I rowed and finally watched Catching Fire. Reading the reviews and going with my hunches, I decided not to include the Velveeta. Rather, I tossed some cheddar and mozzarella cheese on top of the soup right before it was devoured. Plus, spinach, sliced mushrooms, peas, and carrots were added to the mix to up the vegetable content. Finally, by the time I finished with the rowing (another half-marathon in the books), I was too hungry to go for the step with the flour. The outcome may not have been as thick as the recipe would make, but it was still quite tasty.
On other fronts, December starts within hours, and I have just one month left for the remaining New Year’s Resolutions. The next 31 days will involve a lot of rowing (179,827 meters to be exact), a lot of Spanish lessons, and a lot of working out. While my mind is prepared for a failure or two with these resolutions, I am going to finish 2014 strong as I brainstorm a whole new set of New Year’s Resolutions for 2015.


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